Site Accessibility

We are continuing to enhance accessibility features to the site. In the meantime please refer to the tools below which may help your experience on any website.

How to enlarge the text/screen using your keyboard:

  • Windows Users:
    • ( Control and + ) keys to enlarge
    • ( Control and 0 ) to return to default magnification
  • Mac Users:
    • ( Command and + ) keys to zoom in
    • ( Command and – ) keys to zoom out
    • ( Command and 0 ) to return to default magnification

How to tap into accessibility options using your computer operating system:

  • Windows Users:
    • For colors and fonts designed for easy reading: double click on My Computer, open Control Panel listed in left column, click on Accessibility Options. Under Display tab, click Set High Contrast. Options to adjust the cursor blinker visibility are also on the Display tab. Afterwards, go to the tab marked General and click to apply all settings to logon desktop.
    • To enlarge text size, increase the size of items on the screen, and to personally configure Windows to your vision needs: go to Start –> all programs –> accessories –> accessibility –> Accessibility Wizard.
    • To use the magnifier, narrator and/or an on-screen keyboard: press “Windows Logo key” + “u” to turn these functions on or off and to set them automatically for logon.
  • Mac Users:
    • For VoiceOver, Zoom, and Display options: click the Apple icon on the top left corner of the screen, open System Preferences, and click Universal Access. Click the tab labeled Seeing, to choose settings.
    • To personalize VoiceOver, click Open VoiceOver Utility in the Seeing tab, and use the first seven tabs on the left-hand column to make adjustments. To select keyboard keys to use as shortcuts for VoiceOver, click the Commanders tab; to attach an external braille device with a USB, click the one marked Braille.
    • To have any of these settings turn on at login, open System Preferences and click Accounts. From the left-hand column, select the account(s) you would like to set and click Use VoiceOver in the login window.
    • In addition to VoiceOver, Speech in System Preferences offers Speech Recognition and Text to Speech. The first program uses an internal microphone to respond to spoken commands to open, cut and paste, switch or quit applications. While the latter provides a computerized voice that announces alerts and speaks selected texts.

Here are links to accessibility features available in your Internet browser: