Going Blind to Screen at Fargo Theatre in North Dakota

On July 21st, Going Blind will be screened for the public at the historic Fargo Theatre followed by a comprehensive panel discussion. This screening is presented by The Fargo Lions in partnership with ND Vision Services/School for the Blind and the Fargo Theatre. The panel will include:

-a Certified Low Vision Specialist, Certified Orientation and Mobility Instructor, Low Vision Optometrist and a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist/teacher

-a woman who lost all vision from diabetic retinopathy. Attended 16-week residential rehabilitation at the Carroll Center f/t Blind in MA. Uses a guide dog for mobility, college graduate, extensive employment history/currently self-employed.

-a Gentleman who has 1 eye totally blind, other legal blindness from congenital cataracts. Developed glaucoma in teenage years and has field loss-current vision 15 degrees of field and acuity of 20/125 best corrected vision. Recently received partial cornea transplant, glaucoma shunt, lens implant and artificial iris implant(medical trial). He has much improved vision. College graduate and employed as a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist/teacher.

-a gentleman who lost all vision after head on collision from a drunk driver. He lost oxygen to the optic nerve and lost all vision. Received some -rehabilitation and adjusting to blindness.

-a soldier who lost all vision in combat during the Iraq war. Has been rehabilitated at Hines VA Uses a guidedog for mobility. Hosts his own radio show for veterans.

-a gentleman who was born with congenital cataracts due to mother with German measles/rubella. Advocate for the blind. Braille transcriptionist and adaptive technology consultant/self employed. President of NFB.

The film will start at 7pm with the panel following. Tickets are $10.