Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign – A Success!

Update: November 5, 2012
Between the Indiegogo Campaign and other donations to our usual fiscal sponsor, IFP, we raised nearly the full amount of our fall fundraising campaign. Thank you to all who contributed!

And now we are going into our next phase of Outreach, continuing the public television broadcast initiative, the educational outreach, organizing state house screenings and continuing Joe Lovett’s speaking engagement. To make a contribution, please visit our donate page.

We need your support on this campaign to reach millions with life changing information about vision loss. Fractured Atlas has come on board as a partner and now your donations are tax deductible. Please check out our indiegogo Campaign Page.

Steve Baskis training to walk with a cane
Going Blind tells personal and courageous stories of everyday people living and thriving with vision loss in extraordinary ways. The film is being used as a tool to raise awareness about new technologies, training and low vision therapy that allow people with vision loss to continue leading full and active lives. Although the film has already reached tens of thousands of people worldwide, there are still many more that need this vital information. Of the 25 million blind and visually impaired Americans, only 5% seek vision rehabilitation services of any kind.

Vision loss will touch each of us either directly or through someone we love. With your help we can reach more people and together come out of the dark about vision loss.

What you’re funding

This fall, we have the opportunity to reach millions of people with this important life changing information. But we need your help.

Capitol Hill Screening and Panel Discussion: On September 19th, Going Blind will be presented to lawmakers to raise awareness about rarely discussed issues experienced by the visually impaired community. We need funds to get speakers, Jessica Jones and Steve Baskis, to Washington and to promote this screening. For more information view Capitol Hill Screening Page

Nationwide Public Television Broadcast: Starting in October and for the next 12 months, Going Blind is being distributed free of charge to over 300 public television stations around the country. It is urgent that we have the resources to contact all the local stations to get the film and its issues out to the general public. For more information view Broadcast Page

Educational Distribution: We need to continue to get the film into the hands of more organizations that work with the blind and visually impaired. So far we’ve licensed the film to over 200 organizations, but there are many people in need of this information who don’t have access to the film. For more information view Outreach Page

What impact will you have

Every dollar counts towards fulfilling our outreach goals to make everyone aware about (1) the need for and value of early identification and intervention; and (2) the development and availability of low vision therapy, mobility training and other vital medical and social services that can better the lives of millions.

More specifically, by supporting at the $350 level you also have the opportunity to directly support a local grassroots organization or library in your community. An educational DVD of Going Blind allows organizations to screen the film internally and to the public an unlimited amount of times. For instance, The New Hampshire Association for the Blind has screened the film to the public 25 times to date. They report attendees of their screenings of Going Blind “have been empowered by the movie to seek out specialized vision rehabilitation services for the first time.” The film has become the centerpiece of their community and educational outreach campaign.

Our goal is to make Going Blind available to all local libraries and blind and vision service organizations around the country. Through your donation, you directly support grassroots organizations like NHAB and our various labor intensive outreach initiatives.

If you need a suggestion, we will soon have a list of organizations from around the country seeking a donation.

What else can you do to help

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Visit our Website to learn about the film and facts about vision loss, and find links to resources to make yourself aware about these issues

Join the movement and help us reach millions with this vital information!

Thank you from the Going Blind Outreach Team: Joe, Woo, Julie, Jamie H, Jamie Z, Ian, Adam, and AJ!