Joe attends the Global Health and Innovation Conference presented by Unite for Sight


Unite-for-Sight-2014-Poster-compressedOn April 13, 2014, Joseph Lovett spoke at Unite For Sight’s 11th Annual Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University. The event is the largest global health conference in the world, bringing in 2,200 professionals, students and leaders from all areas of the global health arena. Joe’s speech, “Patient Empowerment: How the Visually Impaired Can Become Better Advocates for Themselves…And for Their Service Providers,” was part of a session entitled “Perspectives on Film, Communication, and Advocacy in Global Health.” ¬†

In his presentation, Joe discussed how his film Going Blind can be used as a tool for people to educate themselves on the opportunities within grasp through low vision resources, and how doctors and patients can better their communication to overcome the obstacles they face in the wake of vision loss. Over 300 copies of the film have been  licensed around the world, and it continues to make a positive impact on the organizations, communities and individuals that see it.

To join the outreach and for more information on licensing a copy of Going Blind to show in your community visit our page on educational licensing or email for more information.