MSU to utilize Going Blind for Vision Specialist Graduates

Mississippi Mississippi_State_University_MS_391582State University has acquired 12 educational copies of Going Blind to use as part of a Professional Outreach Kit for their Vision Specialist graduates around the country.

Training Superviser B.J. LeJeune from the National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision at MSU expressed her enthusiasm for the film and why it is an excellent tool, saying, “Some of the challenges of the rehabilitation process for a person with vision loss include the adjustment of learning new ways of doing things, of embracing a new idea of what normal is, and discovering that vision loss does not mean dependency. The film “Going Blind” is a must see for rehabilitation professionals. Not only does it address these issues and have up-to-date information on the latest in medical treatment and research, but it documents the continuous adjustment that is necessary to feel good about yourself as a person with vision loss. At MSU we have developed a Professional Outreach Kit for our Vision Specialist graduates and felt the DVD was an important inclusion for their outreach to persons with vision loss and their families.”

We are very pleased about the incorporation of the film into MSU’s outreach! If you or your organization is interested in acquiring an educational copy of Going Blind, contact