Outreach Toolkit

Screening organized by local Romanian Lions Club

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Going Blind and Going Forward is the film’s Outreach Toolkit that shows how, step-by-step, an individual or organization can use the film to best serve his or her community. The Toolkit explains how to reach the most people using media and news outlets to publicize one’s screening and draw an audience.

We also encourage organizers to follow the film screenings with diverse panels discussing the issues the film addresses. Going Blind, the film, is presented as a starting point for debate and discussion within a community, medical school or advocacy organization.

Screening organized by local Romanian Lions Club

Since we launched the Toolkit in the summer of 2010, many people in a variety of fields have championed the film. Lions Club members, Veterans administrators, ophthalmologists, optometrists, and low vision therapists as well as concerned members of the public have all used the Toolkit to compel their local community into action.

But the Toolkit is merely a template. It is up to each person to take the film and its message to the next level by using and expanding upon it. You can bring your own ideas to the effort and help further our global outreach campaign.

Screening at Romanian Glaucoma Society

The photos featured above are from screenings of Going Blind organized by a local chapter of Lions Club and the Romanian Glaucoma Society. The two screenings along with panel discussions organized to mark World Glaucoma Week attracted over 350 people, including 150 ophthalmologists. A local Romanian newspaper covered the event.