Jessica Jones: diabetic retinopathy

Jessica Jones lost her vision in eight months from diabetic retinopathy. Initially, Jessica faced opposition through her illness with a lack of knowledge on both her and her family’s part and a dearth of career opportunities. Jessica was determined not to succumb to these obstacles, and Going Blind follows her as she finds multiple strategies and technologies to cope with her blindness.

Steve Baskis: roadside bomb

Texas native Steve Baskis was 22 and Private First Class in the Army when a roadside bomb north of Baghdad hit his vehicle. In addition to injuries all over his body, Steve suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TMI) when shrapnel from the bomb caused nerve damage to his eyes, leaving him blind. Going Blind documents Steve’s transition from recovery to his new life at his own apartment, designed by himself for independent living as a blind person.

Ray Kornman: retinitis pigmentosa

At age 29 while at a routine doctor’s visit to renew his contact lens prescription, Ray Kornman discovered he had retinitis pigmentosa, an incurable eye disease that would leave him blind by the age of 40. In Going Blind, Ray discloses his initial feelings of hopelessness and vulnerability before learning of the various services available for the blind. Now, secure in his condition and content with his life, Ray’s mission is to spread the message about the power of guide dogs.

Pat Williams: glaucoma, cataracts

Pat Williams is a legally blind woman who works for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). She struggles to bridge her place between the world of the sighted and that of the visually impaired. For 5 years Pat was afraid to go out because of her visual impairment. Throughout the film, Pat works to strike a balance between relying on family and remaining a fiercely independent woman who does not let her disability define her.

Peter D’Elia: macular degeneration

An 85-year-old working architect suffering from macular degeneration, Peter has been slowly losing his vision over the past 10 years. Through passion and stamina, Peter finds the drive to continue working, and is willing to look for new opportunities including trying new medication for his illness and fighting to restore his sight.

Low Vision Services

Joe Lovett and Emmet Teran learn about the different options, tools and technologies available for low vision services.

Schepens Eye Institute

Joe Lovett learns about research being done at the Schepens Eye Institute in Boston, MA.

What is Glaucoma?

This animation shows how vision works and how Glaucoma affects the brain