Since Going Blind premiered in October of 2010, a lot of light has been shed on the patient perspective of vision loss. The stories told in the film help to dispel stigmas and unrealistic fears that come with losing one’s vision, in any form. The Going Blind and Going Forward Outreach campaign has made it a goal to make sure that this message is brought to as wide of an audience as possible, firstly by experiencing the film and then continuing the discussion afterwards among other patients, doctors, families and communities. This has resulted in a heightened awareness that there is help out there past the visit with the doctor, in the form of low vision rehabilitation.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology now fully endorses referral to low vision rehabilitation. To that end, we produced a short video for Community Services for Vision Rehabilitation called There IS Something You Can Do to help spread the message to Ophthalmologists across the country that low vision rehabilitation referral is now the standard of care. Watch the film below and visit for more information on the AAO’s new low vision initiative and finding resources in your community, whether you are an ophthalmologist or patient.

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Going Blind and Going Forward Updates

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Nationwide Public Television Broadcast
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Viewer Comments
Your film is the first glimpse I’ve been given at how to manage such a scenario and I commend you for putting your life journey out there for people to learn from. I hope many people watch it and have their fears allayed! (more…)
Educational Outreach
So far we’ve licensed the film to over 275 organizations worldwide, but there are many people in need of this life changing information who don’t have access to the film. Help us reach more people. (more…)