Your Impact

Every dollar counts towards fulfilling our outreach goals to make everyone aware about (1) the need for and value of early identification and intervention; and (2) the development and availability of low vision therapy, mobility training and other vital medical and social services that can better the lives of millions.

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support we have received from our funders. Opportunities for sponsorship and partnering in outreach for the film and the issues of early detection, proper treatment, and access to low vision therapies are still available.

Please contact Joe Lovett (lovett(at) or Mike Thibodeau (mike(at) for more information.

What You’re Funding

Nationwide Public Television Broadcast
Going Blind is currently distributed free of charge to over 300 public television stations around the country. It is urgent that we have the resources to contact all the local stations to get the film and its issues out to the general public.

Educational Distribution
We need to continue to get the film into the hands of more organizations that work with the blind and visually impaired. So far we’ve licensed the film to over 300 organizations, but there are many people in need of this information who don’t have access to the film.

Statehouse Screenings
Going Blind has been presented to lawmakers in Washington DC and the New York Statehouse to raise awareness about rarely discussed issues that the visually impaired community experiences. Continuing the success of the Congressional and Statehouse screenings, we’ve been asked to bring the film and its messages to state legislators on a national scale.