Going Blind: Coming Out of the Dark About Vision Loss tells the stories of everyday people and their heroic efforts they make to live in today’s world with vision loss.

Peabody award winning Director, Joseph Lovett tells this story with a very personal appeal as he reveals his diagnosis of glaucoma, a disease that robs 4.5 million people worldwide of their vision.

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Ray Kornman

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Peter D’Elia: Update

| Peter D’Elia, Updates | No Comments
Peter D’Elia, 95, now lives with his wife of thirty-plus years, Peggy, in Massachusetts. Peter continues to draw and work as an architect, as well as golf with his longtime…

Ray Kornman: Update

| Ray Kornman, Updates | No Comments
From Ray Kornman, August 2017 Since my appearance in the Going Blind movie, my life has had some dramatic changes. Shortly after the release of the film, my employment and the employment…

Jessica Jones: Update

| Jessica Jones, Updates | No Comments
Jessica Jones has been teaching art at Lavelle School for the Blind in the Bronx for the past eleven years. As the only blind teacher, Jessica continues to thrive in the school…

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"Going Blind encourages and inspires people to take action to preserve, prolong, and maximize the precious gift of sight—for themselves, their loved ones, and society."

The Washington Post

"The word "inspirational" is so overused as to be hackneyed, but writer director Joe Lovett’s documentary Going Blind—in which he chronicles his excruciating battle with glaucoma while using his experiences to connect with five other people living with degrees of blindness—is exactly and profoundly that."

The Village Voice

"Like a detective, Lovett uses his own glaucoma symptoms as clues to help determine who to track down next, immersing himself in the struggles of his various interviewees…[the film] effectively demystifies the process of going


"Going Blind is an uplifting documentary about visually impaired and blind people that…instills inspiration to lead a productive life."

British Journal of Ophthalmology


Hilary Klotz Steinman

Joe Lovett



The achievements of the film and its outreach campaign were made possible by many generous contributions from our funders. Funding has been fully tax-deductible through arrangements with the IFP, our 501-C3 fiscal sponsor.

Production Funding:
Pfizer Ophthalmics
Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation
The Gibney Family Foundation
Allene Reuss Memorial Trust
National Eye Institute
The Allergan Foundation
Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust
Rudin Foundation
May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation
Reid Williams Foundation
Glaucoma Optometric Society
James & Ellyn Polshek
David Duplantis
Richard and Kathleen Levin

Outreach Funding:
Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation
The Sarah K. de Coizart Charitable Trust
The Allergan Foundation
The Gibney Family Foundation
Olcott Family Foundation
Bloomberg Foundation
The Teubert Foundation
Gill Foundation
Evelyne Balboni
Reid Williams Foundation
James & Ellyn Polshek
The Beuth Foundation
Drew & Jessica Guff

Major Individual Donors:
James & Ellyn Polshek
Evelyne Balboni
David Duplantis
Richard & Kathleen Levin
Barbara & Barry Coller
Drew & Jessica Guff
Carol & Lawrence Saper
Lorenzo & Stanley Weisman
Robert Feeney
William and Gloria Paul