Tips & Stories

We asked our Facebook friends to post their advice for dealing with vision loss from their own personal, unique, sometimes embarrassing experiences!  Each response shared is more coming out of the dark about vision loss.  Share your tips or experiences by messaging us on our Facebook page!

Joining a support group for people with low vision was the thing that helped me the most.

Amy JantzenWenatchee, Washington

Utilizing State sponsored adaptive and mobility training was a very helpful. Its nice to feel comfortable walking and cooking with adaptive tools and coaching. I am very fortunate to live in Massachusetts where these public services are esential and very much appreciated.

Mark ComeauNew Hampshire

Our sight may be limited but our lives don’t have to be.

Kimberly KusterIllinois

Websites and published material must use high contrast if they want us to be able to read the information! That’s more important than large print. I (politely) point out that I can’t read what they’ve written, and it sometimes helps to get revisions.

Mary Ann Borchert

I thank God daily for every bit of vision I still have. I wear my checkered vision button especially when I go to a fast food restaurant because the menu on the wall has too much glare for me to read & I have to ask for assistance. I am still working on a simple explanation for people who ask why I can still drive (daytime only), but not read regular print. I could not use my computer without zoomtext, a wonderful program. I use colored nail polish to make a dot on my thermostat, my VCR, my fan, my remote, etc. to mark the power button, or the most common setting(s).

Lois Simmons ArmstrongPittsburg

It’s a cruel world out there. Get past that point of not making your limitations known. I have blind spots in my Center Line of Sight. I function relatively good, but have problems glancing at signs to read them. I have to scan them to get it all. Sometimes I don’t get it all in before I pass the sign. I can’t count how many times I’ve been told to, or asked if I got stronger glasses, I’d be OK. People sometimes just can not comprehend. How a person can be partially blind, or more so, just have a Blind Spot. I’ve tried to explain it several times over the years, but sometimes, and now I know when, no matter how you explain it, that person just isn’t going to comprehend how the word “Blind” can mean anything other than “Black”. I thank the open minded people who listen, and then understand the difference between the words “Vision” & “Sight”.

Tom JohnsonMassachusetts

I am in the first stages of my vision loss and it scares me that one day I will wake up and it will be completely gone. To help me get through I pray a lot to God and thank Him for the vision I still have. My friends and my children are very supportive and encouraging me to not give up hope.

Sandy ParteeHigginbotham, Ohio

Make sure people treat you as you want to be treated and not how they think a low vision or blind person should be treated. Stand up for yourself and rights.

Kelley TrappassoNew Hampshire

I don’t need a cane for mobility, but I carry one for traffic safety. When I’m not using it or when my cane is hidden, like when I’m seated in a restaurant or buying something at a counter, I like to be wearing my checkered eye button. It lets people know I can’t see well. Even if the person is not familiar with the symbol, I can point to it and explain. The more people who know the symbol the better. Magnifying glasses are very helpful to me so there’s at least one in every room of my house. I also have 2 magnifying glass pendants and one on a lanyard that I can clip to a belt loop.

Libby ThawOntario

My tip would be to get a cane and/or a guide dog ASAP. Vision loss sucks but so does loss of independance.

Adam McLuhanLondon

New vision loss experiences cropping up daily! I have auto immune retinopathy. This Halloween, I couldn’t see the dark opening of the trick or treat bags. I asked them to lift the bags higher and closer so I could see a bit better but mostly so I could feel the edges of the bags. Interesting little things we take for granted. Thanks for all of your sharing!!

Kimberly Samuels